MIHO SASAKI ... composer, pianist, teacher

MIHO SASAKI   composer / pianist 


The Midnight Sun (2023)

for clarinet and bayan-accordion

In the Wistful Heart of Night (2022)

for SSA voices with piano accompaniment

Preces nostrae (2021-2022)

for SATB choir and SATB solos with harp, handbells, piano and organ

Swirling Spheres (2021)

for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano

a little peace in the alley looking at blue sky (2020)

for solo clarinet 



for chamber winds

Ryūhyō (流氷 Drift Ice) (2019)

for bass clarinet and accordion

Komorebi : tree escape light (2018)

for solo alto saxophone 

TRACING THE FOOTPRINTS, could've been somebody else (2018) 

for cello and accordion

PRELUDE, prologue to KEZURI (2018)

for piano four hands

Operation IRONWOOD (2018)

for cello and accordion

Spectra Despina (2018)

for violin and accordion

The Soul of Lights Freeze (2017)

for clarinet and piano

Toryanse (2016)

for SATB choir 

Reaching ... (2013)  

for flute, clarinet, violin, viola

iki (2011), solo flute


REVERENCE FOR THE GODDESS (2020) for wind ensemble

Komorebi : tree escape light (2018), for solo alto saxophone 

   I. Filter

    II. Earth Bed

    III. Scatter 

jo no jo (2018), for piano four hands and two melodicas

SACROSANCT (2016), for orchestra

El Puente (2015), for bassoon and piano

RUACH: Spirit, Breath, Wind  (2013), for wind ensemble 

RYUKI: "Earth is Alive" (2012), for orchestra

Reaching ... (2013) for mixed chamber quartet